He Loves Me, by Wayne Jacobsen – free download

“He Loves Me” by Wayne Jacobsen is one of the best books I have ever read!  It is both challenging and refreshing.  Everyone I know who has read this book has been profoundly impacted.  Once you read it, you will want to tell everyone you care about to read it!

(The second edition book can be purchased, but the first edition is available in pdf free of charge using the link below.)

He Loves Me

Book Description

He loves me!
He loves me not!

Do you find yourself picking through circumstances like children plucking daisy petals attempting to figure out whether or not God loves you? If you find yourself least certain of his love in those critical moments when you most need to trust him, there is hope for you.

Where? At the one event in human history that forever secured your place in the Father’s heart-the cross where Jesus allowed sin and shame to be consumed in his own body so that you could freely embrace a relationship with his Father. There you will discover that what he always wanted was not the fearful subservience of slaves, but the loving affection of sons and daughters.

If your spiritual life feels more like performance than freedom, like an empty ritual rather than a joyful journey, let Wayne help you discover:

  • A Father who loves you more than anyone on this planet ever has or ever will.
  • A growing confidence in his affection for you through whatever circumstances you face.
  • A vibrant relationship with him that will free you from the torment of shame while it transforms you to live as his child in the earth.

Wayne Jacobsen wanders the world helping people sort out how to live deeply in the life of Jesus. Formerly a Contributing Editor to Leadership Journal, he has written numerous books on spiritual intimacy and relational church life, including So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore, under the penname Jake Colsen. You can find his other books, blog, and articles at LifeStream.org, and his weekly podcast atTheGodJourney.com. He resides in Newbury Park, CA with his wife Sara.


The Naked Church, by Wayne Jacobsen – free download

“The Naked Church” is super challenging and will ruffle the feathers of religious people, but I found it to be refreshing and inspiring as it encouraged me to grow more deeply intimate with Father God.  You can use the link below to download it free.  Enjoy!

The Naked Church

Book Description

Are you confused? Burned out? Disillusioned by your church experience? Discover how intimacy with the Living God and his family can fulfill your deepest hungers.

The words of Jesus are as timely today as they were then… “You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.”

THE NAKED CHURCH is an invitation for believers to forsake superficial Christianity and discover true intimacy with God. This compelling book will challenge you to look beyond the externals of contemporary church life with its glittering buildings, extensive programs, beloved celebrities and political muscle and find a relationship with God that will bring his powerful, life-changing presence into everyday circumstances.

At a time when it’s popular to be “spiritual” and easy to be “religious,” Wayne Jacobsen sounds the call back to the joy and freedom of a dynamic relationship with the living God.