Cocoa Almond Cake

Cocoa Almond Cake


3 C ground raw almonds

Peel from 4 tangerines (or tangelos) ground thoroughly

½ C raw cocoa powder (or carob powder)

½ C dates (soaked for 1 hour and chopped finely)

1 t sunflower oil (2 t if using carob)

½ C raw honey or agave nectar

½ t salt

1 t vanilla extract

Combine the almonds, tangerine peel, and cocoa.  Mix the rest of the ingredients thoroughly in a large mixing bowl and then gradually add the dry mixture to the wet mixture.  Form the thick mixture into a cake shape on a plate.


Juice of 1 medium lemon

3 T raw honey or agave nectar

½ C olive oil

1 t vanilla extract

½ C ground almonds

Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend well.  Spread over the top of the cake.  Decorate creatively with your favorite fruit.  It is especially delicious with assorted berries.  Chill before serving.

This cake recipe was inspired by a similar recipe in the book Eating Without Heating.

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Grammy Ethel’s Delicious Cranberry Relish

Grammy Ethel’s Delicious Cranberry Relish
(This is what Ethel Sinkewitz brought over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and it is so AMAZING I had to share the recipe!!!  By the time we thought about taking a picture of this beautiful dish, it was almost gone.)


12 oz fresh cranberries (not dried)

1 orange, peeled and seeds removed

1 apple, cored

8 – 10 oz. dates, stems and pits removed

2/3 C raw walnuts

Juice of 1 orange


Place all ingredients (except orange juice) in a food processor and process until coarsely chopped.  Place in a beautiful bowl and mix in the orange juice.

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Sweet Potato Wheels

Here’s a fun, simple recipe for a side dish kids love.  This is so yummy, it could even be a dessert.


Sweet Potatoes
Agave Nectar (or honey)

Peel sweet potatoes, slice them into 1/2-inch thick discs (my kids call them “wheels”), and steam until tender but not mushy.  Arrange warm sweet potato wheels on a plate and lightly drizzle with a mixture of agave nectar and cinnamon.  If you don’t have agave, honey can be used instead.


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Almond Butter, Oats, & Agave Snack

My children came up with the idea for this snack and I finally tried it…. and WOW!  It is really delicious.  They call it “Almond Butter & Oats”.

Mix together the following ingredients (adjust amounts to fit your personal taste):

1/2 C Old-fashioned Rolled Oats
1/4 C  Almond Butter
2 t Agave Nectar
dash of salt