I’m Changing The World…

The Charis Midwifery Scholarship Fund

Training Midwives to Change the World

The impact a birth professional has on a woman’s life can potentially be one of the most profound of her lifetime.
This is true in the richest, most industrialized nations in the world, as well as in the poorest of third world countries. Glenn Martin, a missionary friend in the Dominican Republic, once shared with me that if a person does not begin a relationship with Jesus before the teen years, the next time he or she is statistically most open to the Gospel is during childbearing. Childbearing is such a critical time in people’s lives—and what an incredible opportunity birth professionals have!

God is strategically positioning Christian women as midwives in communities all around the world because of the incredible influence a midwife can have on each family she serves. Midwifery provides a unique open door into the lives and homes of people that is not opened to just anyone. What a beautiful, powerful way for God to show His love to the world!

Charis Childbirth is committed to the Great Commission, to doing our part to help as many missionaries, humanitarian workers, and foreign nationals as possible to become trained, skilled midwives through our uniquely-designed distance midwifery school so that they will be well-equipped to serve the world’s families during pregnancy and birth. As Charis midwives serve their communities with excellence, birth outcomes greatly improve and people’s lives are blessed!

A scholarship fund is being created so that every missionary or foreign national who wants to serve her community as a midwife will be able to get an excellent education regardless of her ability to pay tuition. Many missionaries simply do not have the support to cover midwifery school, and women in impoverished countries who want to make a difference in their communities will never have this opportunity without financial help! Our goal for 2009 is to raise enough funds to offer scholarships to 10 midwifery students.

Tuition for one midwifery student for one year is $3,500.

$875 will cover one quarter,

$292 will cover one month,

$68 will cover one week,

and $10 will cover one day.

As you plan for your charitable giving for 2009, would you consider sponsoring a Charis Midwifery Student? You will be helping to positively impact individual families’ lives—both physically and spiritually—and changing the world as a result! (No amount is too great or too small and all gifts are tax-deductible.)

Feel free to share this giving opportunity with your churches, social groups, coworkers, and friends. Perhaps your office, club, church congregation, or home group would like to collectively sponsor a midwifery student! Spread the word far and wide… who knows who might catch the vision and want to help these aspiring midwives get their education!

Mail your check made out to “Charis Childbirth” to
Charis Childbirth
Midwifery Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 6900
North Port, FL 34290

Thank you so much for linking arms with Charis Childbirth as we make a difference in the world, one birth at a time!

Blessings to you and your family during this Christmas season!

~Kristin Schuchmann
Executive Director, Charis Childbirth
To learn more, go to http://www.charischildbirth.org/

(Those who know me know that I’m always up for adventure… and the greatest adventures are the ones that friends do together and that make the biggest possible impact on the world. Thank you, friends, for joining me in this one!)