When Considering Vaccination, Consider This

According to beloved pediatrician, the late Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, when deciding which, if any, vaccines your child will receive, you need to consider the following:

1)  the incidence of each individual disease
2)  the severity of each individual disease
3)  the potential side effects of each individual vaccine
4)  the efficacy of each individual vaccine

As responsible parents, Todd and I feel it is our job to make informed decisions concerning our children.  We’re not leaving it up to someone else, jumping on a bandwagon, or blindly following anyone.  Afterall, WE must answer to God for how we care for our children.

Even after pretty extensively studying the immune system and vaccines for the past couple decades, I’m sure there is still much Todd and I don’t know; but with what we DO know, we have made the best decisions we can and are very confident in them.  That’s the best anyone can do.

It is good to have a sound basis for our decisions.  When we are rock solid in WHY we have made the choices we have made, then when those decisions are challenged (and they WILL be challenged by those who disagree), we can remain confident and not become confused.


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