Christian Midwives International (CMI)

Why did I wait so long???  I have been aware of the group “Christian Midwives International” for the past couple of years, but never got around to learning more about it or attending their annual conferences.  Several of my friends have raved and raved about what a wonderful conference they had last year and they have told me over and over again that I would just love this group.  So, this year I thought I’d go to the conference to check it out.  I had no idea of the incredible blessing that awaited me there!

2009 CMI Conference in Pigeon Forge, TNFrom the moment I arrived in Tennessee on Tuesday, April 21, until the time I left on Saturday the 25th, I was surrounded by the most loving, beautifully unified, diverse group of Christian birth professionals!  In attendance were CNMs, CPMs, LMs, DEMs, legal midwives, illegal midwives, persecuted midwives, prosecuted midwives, home birth midwives, birth center midwives, hospital midwives, and a variety of other birth professionals and students who represented just about every Christian denomination (or non-denomination) there is.  With all that diversity, one would not have expected how sweetly everyone embraced and supported and loved each other.  Friends, that is the way the Body of Christ should be!  I felt God smiling down on us the entire time.  How proud Father God must be!

In addition to all the love going around, we benefitted from some excellent teaching and training, delicious meals, and the beautiful environment of springtime in the Smoky Mountains.  Of course, there was plenty of humor as well.

CMI Conference 2009 in Pigeon Forge, TNI strongly encourage membership and involvement in this wonderful organization.  CMI has the same passions and values that beat in the heart of Charis Childbirth and it is so good to link arms with this sister organization.

Susan Oshel and I plan to attend the next CMI conference at the beginning of September, 2010, in Myrtle Beach, SC.  We would just love to have as many of you as possible to join us. 

Charis CCE/CDs will receive contact hours toward recertification for attendance.  (ACNM and NARM also offer CEUs for the conference.)

I am still full to overflowing after such a wonderful time with my “sisters”.


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